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Trella UAE Turns ONE!

by Peter May and Mohamed El Garem

1- Why UAE? 

The initial reason we went for UAE was that it made absolute sense from a business perspective, we were doing alot of loads out of DMM and Jubail to Jebel Ali and as lane building is part of our DNA, the logical next step was to create a pipeline to compliment those loads from UAE to KSA.

 The launch came straight after our Series A and is the start of our GCC expansion to create a marketplace that spans all the countries in the GCC and provides true value to carriers and shippers across those borders. UAE’s launch is different in the fact that it was our fastest boots on ground, fastest to scale and our leanest by far.

2- What was Trella’s approach to launch?

Let me get a quote from one of our earlier launch newsletters

“Welcome to Launch number 4, We’re trading in our clubs with scalpels for this one. This is not to say there won't be sheer brutal implementational strength behind it, but we’re smarter now and we know the right moves to make. (more or less) The UAE Launch will be focused on a particular truck type (CS & FB) on a specific Lane (UAE - KSA) with chosen commodities (FMCGs & Petchem under a selected vertical (XB) running the same ops. Focus is the name of the game and we aim to bring it. We will be sending this weekly update newsletter to keep you abreast of the launch along the way.”

3- What are our greatest achievements to date?

  • Fastest market to hit 1M USD in Trella’s history

  • Greatest margins driven from backhauls in Trella and consistent backhauling numbers MoM

  • Highest GB/HC in Trella

  • Maintained growth at TRs consistently above 7% since inception

4- How does Trella UAE team culture affect the work environment? 

UAE’s team is the most diverse team in Trella at the moment with the greatest number of nationalities operating side by side.

5- What’s Trella’s impact on the UAE market?

Trella’s impact on the market is varying. We are part of the burgeoning start-up ecosystem in the UAE, and are a contributor to the developing ecosystem. For instance we are part of Hub71’s emergent program aimed as supporting start-ups in their scale up phase in the UAE, and in doing so support competition, innovation and development in the region. 

It is our belief that the logistics industry will ultimately drive economic benefit for the UAE, and broader region. It our vision to dramatically support the movement of goods both within the UAE, but across the region – if we are able to support a more seamless and efficient network for transportation we can support a more competitive operating environment that ultimately drives economic growth and progress for the UAE

 6- What’s next?

We are interested in developing our domestic product locally in the UAE, and supporting varying truck-types in the region. We also have some existing ecosystem enablers that we are looking to bring to the UAE market to transform the lives of truck drivers and operators, while supporting better outcomes from our transport partners

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