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Ready to play soccer Trellans?

by Pierre Saad

It all started on a typical working day while I was minding my own business – which is not what I usually do, but let’s pretend. Out of nowhere, Mohamed El Garem, Co-Founder at Trella, walked up to me and asked every employee’s nightmare question,  

“Hedy, how many tasks are you currently working on… is your schedule busy?” 

I said, “I’ve got a lot of initiatives that I am planning to launch.”

However, I don’t think my face was very convincing, because somehow he still ended up giving me the weirdest, most surprising task I ever had.

The task began the second Garem explained the following: we were asked to move out of our current office and into the new one in two weeks! TWO WEEKS! Recognizing that I’m the marketeer, that already has experience in graphic design and a creative edge, therefore might as well be able to help in figuring out the color schemes and branding that the new office will need.

Now, I need you all to focus here that the task initially started off as ONLY handling the branding and colors. I was super excited (obviously not about the deadline) and loved that I will take the lead on this task! I was panicking! All I could think of was that I had two weeks… no now they’re 10 days… I was freaking out! (world, put yourself in my shoe!!!!).

I stepped up, and I knew that just as any other task at Trella, nothing can stop us from delivering our task and meeting our deadlines. 

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I coordinated with all the parties needed to finish moving into the new office. I asked the painters to come in for the walls, purchased desks, chairs and I excitedly removed the bubble wrap off all of them- that was my favorite part. I watched every bolt and nut screwed until the last piece of furniture was ready.  Everything was approved and matched our branding.

 I was on top of it! I was way ahead of their deadline 😉   

I started daydreaming of the endless excitement of every Trellan entering the new office. Who will choose where to sit? Their comments! Their energy! Ahh! What a perfect scenario!

 Watch out world, fairytales aren’t real! So oops… co-founders hadn’t approved the moquette yet, they wanted to add a grey moquette. GREY MOQUETTE!!!! 

I had to call a vendor to plan the purchase, but to my surprise, the approved sample was out of stock, and for the vendor to place my order… wait for it… would take THREE MONTHS!! I only had two weeks, two weeks people!!!!!

I went to all the vendors you could imagine, trying to find this specific shade but to no avail. I went back to the original vendor, and this was the list I received: red (oh god no our logo is orange no way), brown… (honestly it gives a very dimmed vibe, doesn’t it?) brownish red (even worse), black (no wayyy), navy (just no) and they all didn’t work! Finally, I found the perfect alternative! I trusted my guts and immediately ordered it!  

Fast forward two weeks…

The Co-founders were super excited to finally see the new office. They were moving all their meetings and investor meetups to the new office. They couldn’t wait to proudly showcase the huge change and expansion we were encountering. They finally open the office door only to come into a very vibrant, colorful… wait for it… soccer field! 

Everyone was speechless, some were embarrassed while others were hysterically laughing. Fortunately, one of the guests came to my rescue and expressed how much they loved the office, the colors, how different it feels, and resembles our young fresh spirit. 

Sunday is here, Trellans are moving in and everyone was very active at the office. From running around, to some being very excited, laughing, confused from the green flooring and some were pretending to prepare for a soccer match.

Days went by, and the excitement of the new office filled everyone! Still, the one most trending topics is the GREEN moquette. It gave everyone a good laugh and a full energy-boost! The green flooring became every Trellan’s ice-breaker with any guest. Life in our new office is wonderful!

The moral of the story is to follow your guts, even if it leads you to green moquette.

Stay tuned… we’re just scratching the surface, this is just one of many surprises 😉

Hedy Nassar 

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