Blog “Caaaan you see my screen?” | Chronicles of WFH

“Caaaan you see my screen?” | Chronicles of WFH

by Trella Team

Let’s admit it, it was a year full of “let me share my screen… can you see it now?! Ohhhh we can’t hear you!! I’ll try reconnecting! You’re cutting up!”

Internet disconnection is probably the main sponsor of our WFH chronicles. We are pretty sure everyone could relate to all those funny situations that occurred daily while working remotely, the struggle is real… 

Here we thought to share with you some of those incidents so you know that you’re not alone…

Babies Shouting and Unexpected Visits from the Laundryman

I remember during my very first days at Trella, I had a catch-up call with one of our team members to get to know more about his small team. We had a special guest at that time, his little daughter, she insisted he joins her for a game. If I was him, honestly I would have panicked and did not know what to do, but he held it together and I truly admire how he handled it.  He talked to her mindfully and did not just ignore her or get nervous. He explained that he is currently working and once he is done, it will be GAME TIME!

Shortly after, the laundryman knocked on the door and insisted there is a laundry pick up request! After a few minutes, we were able to continue our conversation.

It turned out that modern problems require modern solutions. It feels great to be exposed to new challenges every day. Where we need to develop new qualities like tolerance and mindfulness. We are all humans, and it’s important to have empathy for each other, and let go of conventional ideas and expectations of so-called non-professionalism.

Mute/Unmute Syndrome

How many times have you been talking while super into the mood, expressing your thoughts and a few minutes later .. BAM .. you figure out you are on MUTE?

How many times are you in a team meeting and panicking about pressing “unmute” by mistake? We all have been there.

The Mute/Unmute Syndrome has been very popular over the past few months. Every call you jump into you typically find someone who’s always saying “guys please let’s all mute ourselves and let only one person talk”.

NB krisp is one awesome tool that allows you to mute the background noise whether from your side or your teammates’ side, such a lifesaver!

You’d be Lying If You Said You’ve Never Attended an Online Meeting in Your Pajamas…

Video calls take WFH chronicles to another level, at least once in the past 6 months (if not all the time) you probably attended an online meeting from the bed, in your PJs. Who hasn’t?

Another hack that usually happens is getting top-dressed, no one will ever know that you’re attending the meeting in half-formal/half-PJs! Just make sure you don’t stand up.

Share Your Screen, but Close Your Whatsapp First

One of the most embarrassing situations that happen is when you have to share your screen and forget about your WhatsApp messages, memes, or your Facebook showing who you were stalking. It happens, but we just have to pretend it didn’t, and proceed with confidence.

Change is the only constant, the past few months have turned our life upside down. We managed to adapt, but also didn’t forget to look at the ironic side of things!

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