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Our Culture Remains at Heart | Learning Outcomes

by Trella Team
At Trella we favor our team culture over our own personal diversities, we always aim to look up to our Mission, to live by.

“ Our aim is to empower carriers and shippers by making supply chain more efficient, reliable & Convenient

Yet, it is such a challenge to take team cultures virtual, below are few learning outcomes we reached and would love to share: 

How to keep a #body-cells-interconnection-team-vibe | on Engagement

Participating in decision making allows us to have an individualism-free attitude and feeds our sense of ownership. We encourage our team to prioritize the fact that they need to engage in decision making happening around them, to be proactive, And to rest assured that their input will eventually make a difference. On the other hand, we make sure to always build solid feedback channels where they could voice out their input in decision making.

We are very keen on engaging with each other as one big team. We, Trellans, aim to always grow an interactive work environment. Our culture ambassadors (aka everyone at Trella) make it easy for us by exerting all efforts in connecting with their fellow Trellans on all levels as well as taking company-wide initiatives to support that ideology.

Below is a sneak peek about that, where our culture ambassadors took initiatives on gathering virtually whether for team bonding or quiz nights, during the past couple of weeks.

Virtual Karkadeh Night

Saudi Team Quiz Night

How to Utilize WFH for the Sake of Self Reflection | on Time Management 

We make sure to internally populate the fact that working remotely is not a crisis that we need to “handle”,  rather than a change that we need to adapt to and utilize for the benefit of our team and business.

Below are few learnings we reached:

First, detach from the urge to be 100% productive 24/7!


Time management and working hours conditions are all about prioritization, proper quality time off (not necessarily on an interval-basis, since we are not machines), and common sense.


We encourage our team to measure and track their productivity strikes, to observe what are the type of tasks they usually procrastinate and get it done at the beginning of our schedule, that will take such a lame burden off our chest and gives us a sense of achievement and something to celebrate.


We always celebrate our team wins and encourage the mindset of “celebrating small victories” as an incentive that we all need in such times.


Sleep helps adjust poor memory and focus, weakened immunity, and mood swings — we encourage our team to sustain consistent sleep patterns to avoid the aforementioned side effects of sleep deprivation.

Staying Sane | on Well-being

Who said hard workers are workaholics? Yes, they are not.

Adopting a workaholic attitude is a reflex action to the current pandemic we’re living in, with all the lockdown, curfew, uncertainty, and fear we’re witnessing, being productive is probably the comfort zone where we feel alive. It is very normal, yet it is a kind of disorder.

Observe your patterns and acknowledge burn out once it happens, disconnect immediately, and come back more balanced. There are multiple avenues of disconnection: a. Family quality time: board games, walks b. Video games c. Coffee dates d. Reading e. Jogging f. Reviving long lost hobbies g. Building new habits.

As a team, we aim to benefit from the magic Twofold Purpose: we grow as we support our team to grow in parallel, on the technical, emotional, and intellectual levels.

Working remotely -if not managed well- could let us feel down and we might sometimes forget about how high our standards should always be, and how relentless we are as a team.

Below are few tips and tricks that would help us stay sane in such unusual remote work conditions:

  • We encourage our team to initiate online focus groups with their fellow Trellans for sharing thoughts on important stuff i.e. dealing with uncertainty, time management, mental health … etc. 
  • To keep team rituals as it is. We have regular celebrations, so we try to take it virtually and always stay connected.
  • We take care of our mental and emotional well being, we do our best to take regular breaks, meditate more often, and stay fit.
  • We are what we eat, we take this opportunity of staying home to try to build new healthy eating habits.
  • Learning has a huge impact on productivity, we try to learn something every day.
  • If any team member has a concern, we make sure they voice it out through the right feedback channel.

The Switch/Trick of How to be Human at Work | on Mental Health

Dealing with uncertainty is the most challenging problem we’re facing these days, below are few tips to help us go through it:

Let’s observe our Emotional Intelligence: it is super important to cultivate our skill of managing our emotional reactions to life, and take control (and detach when needed) over our internal thought generation tool aka Mind

Meditation is all about disconnecting that tool, as it helps us to always be present at the moment and connect to the other side of our coin (aka Soul)

Meditation has an immediate effect on reducing anxiety and stress levels. Below is one of my personal favorite guided meditations:

Twin Hearts Meditation –

This type of meditation allows us to connect with two of the most important energy spots in our body aka Chakras. The Crown Chakra is related to Spirituality, Divine Love and Divine Energy, and Heart Chakra which is related to being loving, lovable, and compassionate. In this meditation, we bridge those two chakras so we reach Balance and Peace. 

Breathing is obviously essential for ‘living’, however, we never take it seriously. Below are a few Pranayama (breathing techniques) that will help us utilize our breath in the most efficient way so we benefit from its magical effect: 

The motivation for workout never knocks our door on its own, yet, we create it.

We take the time to take care of our body (which is the most sacred place where our soul lives) and burn that motivation flame for discipline. 

Last but not least, we do our best to Stay Human! to accept the fact that We, all, are a Work in Progress. We Train the Mind ..  Nurture the body, and Spread Love!

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